Laser Marking

TYKMA Electrox and Abmark are LMI's primary suppliers of systems for laser marking, laser engraving and etching. Materials range from plastics, metals, glass, wood, rubber etc. 

We can integrate our laser marking systems into production lines for marking "On The Fly". LMIAB also offers tailored workstations according to customer needs.

LaserGear BOQX

Capable desktop system for industrial use.

LaserGear QUBE

​​​​​​​Marking system for open Class 4 installation or integration.


Portable machine for laser marking. Good for marking objects not easily moved.

Tykma Electrox Minilase XL

Ergonomic desktop model with a wide variety of uses.

Tykma Electrox EMS300

Robust machine for marking in larger volumes or sizes.

Tykma Electrox EMS400

Laser marker with 600x600mm X/Y stages.

Tykma Electrox Dial Index

Laser marker with rotating index table for efficient marking.


Tykma Electrox Scorpion


Tykma Electrox Vereo Smart

Tykma Electrox Zetalase XL

Tykma Electrox Zetalase XLT

Abmark Midi

Compact desktop turnkey system.

Abmark Maxi

Larger floor model with optional 600x200 X/Y-stages

Abmark Mini

Abmark F Series

Abmark F Halo

Laser Marking

LMIAB offers the latest technology in laser marking by providing the whole spectrum of laser marking with fibre and YAG sources, together with workstations and end-to-end support.
TYKMA Electrox and Abmarks laser marking systems are based on a variety of technology, providing LMI with solutions to most marking applications.

The different softwares allow automatic serialisation marks for traceability i most of todays' code standards like 2D Barcodes, DM (DataMatrix), PDF217 etc.

Our lasersystems for marking and engraving have a modular design for multiple I/O interfaces making them ideal for integration and customisation in production lines.

TYKMA Electrox and Abmark also provide a wide range of turnkey and independent workstations with many different options.

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