TYKMA Electrox Atlas

ATLAS is equipped with a combination gantry/stage XY system with a marking field of 610 x 1219mm. In addition, the system features a programmable Z axis and ability to add a rotary accessory for marking the outside diameter of round parts.

The interior includes a large breadboard tooling plate and a lowered base for easy access to load and unload fixtures and components. A pneumatic front door with built in safety improves operator ergonomics. ATLAS comes equipped with system control PC and a front slide out monitor, keyboard, and mouse drawer.

  • Class 1 Safe Floor Standing Full-Size Laser Enclosure
  • XYZ Gantry/Stage with a Total Marking Field of 24” x 48” / 610mm x 1,219mm
  • Programmable Focal Height Adjustment  
  • Front Operator Control Panel 
  • Vertical Pneumatic Door with Patented Safety System and Auto Start Mode
  • Laser Options Include a 20W to 100W MOPA Fiber Laser, 10W UV Laser, or 60W to 100W CO2 Laser
  • Integrated Windows 10 Pro PC with Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse on Slide Out Space Saving Drawer
  • Optional Rotary Devices, Pull-out Part Loading Shelf, and More 
  • Minilase Pro 3 64 Bit Software

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