Service & Support

Our services range from laser servicing, recommissioning, laser training, laser consulting and laser safety.

Laser service

Our laser technicians offer maintenance service, machine installations, troubleshooting, repairs and relocation. This applies to most manufacturers.
To ensure smooth and trouble free operation, we offer service contracts to guarantee that your systems stay in top condition.

We have a wide network of suppliers allowing us to carry spare parts for most laser machines. We also stock a variety of consumables such as laser optics, lamps, jets/nozzles, ceramic parts, filters, oils, lubricants and other spare parts.

LMI offers phone support Mon - Fri 08:00 to 17:00 (GMT +1). Phone support applies primarily to our own products, but we can also offer expertise in optics and components for different laser systems.


Our laser technicians install, serve, troubleshoot, move and repair laser machines and systems depending on the brand. For the most part our own systems.

We have a large network of contacts for the provision of spare parts for laser machines. We also stock a variety of spare parts and consumables such as laser optics, laser lamps, nozzles, ceramic parts, bellows, filters, oils, etc.
We have telephone support that is open every day between 8.00 - 17.00. The support extends to the systems we sell and if you want to ask us about optics or components.

Troubleshooting & repair

Our technicians can offer support regardless of whether the laser system was purchased by us or not, thanks to their many years of experience with the technology in all its forms - regardless of brand.

Technical consultation

Contact us and we can help you diagnose if the error is in the optics or if there is something in the process that is not working properly. This service is free for our customers. II-VI with its enormous experience and market-leading position has both the equipment and resources to analyze an old defective lens and be able to see if the fault lies with the optics or deeper down in the system.

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