TYKMA Electrox EMS300

For laser marking in large volumes​​​.

  • Ergonomic workstation with integrated laser marker.

  • Pneumatic auto door seals the enclosure and offers maximum availability for position mark objects.

  • Class-4 override mode for marking objects which cannot fit in the enclosure with the door closed. Laser safety goggles for the relevant wavelength must be used.

  • Motorised, programmable Z-axis for automatic working distance adjustment.

  • Easy to use with minimal preparation.

  • Large, laser-safe observation window.

  • Space-saving in relation to marking area.

  • Exhaust port quick-connector.

  • Compatible with alla TYKMA Electrox laser such as Scorpion and Vereo. 
    Fibre, CO2, Green and UV laser types.

  • 2 year warranty

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