LaserGear QUBE

LaserGear QUBE

Laser marker for Class-4 independent or integrated marking.

LaserGear QUBE is a Class 4 laser marking system ideal for open environments in laser-safe rooms or for Class 1 integration into a production line with an enclosure.

The 20 watt MOPA style Fibre laser delivers power and speed for a range of different applications. Mount the QUBE on a worktable to handle any object flexibly. Integrate the QUBE in a existing production line and control the marker from the PLC. Put the QUBE in an enclosure and use it as a Class 1 desktop system. Just connect any Windows PC to the QUBE via USB and start programming.
  • For marking or engraving most metals and compatible plastics.

  • 20 watt MOPA fibre laser.

  • Laser Class 4 for integration.

  • Fokus finder with red-dot laser.

  • I/O interface for automated control.

  • 1 year warranty for the laser marker.  

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