TYKMA Electrox Minilase XL

The Minilase now has a bigger sibling. The XL has been developed at the request of many customers.

It can handle larger marking objects, both height and width-wise while simultaneously being able to fit on an desktop. Cost effective and easily installed and used workstation for objects in larger volumes.

  • Compatible with alla TYKMA Electrox laser such as Scorpion and Vereo. 
    Fibre, CO2, Green and UV laser types.

  • Motorised Z-axis for focusing.

  • Automatic three-sided door with pinch protection.

  • Focus finding unit.

  • A middle-sized capable desktop workstation.

  • Suitable for large volume marking of small objects or lower volume marking of large objects.

  • Can be run in regular Class-1 mode with automated door, or Class-4 with a special key to allow objects that can't be fit in the enclosure to be marked. (Approved protective goggles required)

  • Large, laser-safe observation window.

  • Space-saving in comparison to its large marking area.

  • Exhaust port quick connector.

  • 2 year warranty.  
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