TYKMA Electrox Vereo Smart

TYKMA Electrox Vereo Smart

A smart fibre laser ideal for integration into a production flow or for independent marking.

  • Powerful MOPA Fibre laser
    Kraftfull MOPA Fiber Laser.
  • Compact and robust laser head manufactured in machined aluminium.
  • Air-cooled with extremely low running costs and virtually maintenance-free.

  • Control your Vereo Smart from a PC, smartphone, tablet, PLC or any other networked device without requiring additional software.

  • Plug-and-Play with the most common PLC brands without the need for programming or complicated setup procedures.
  • Communicate with a variety of database systems and transfer data through many different methods.

  • Select, modify and preview marking data from the built-in touch screen.
  • Easy to use with minimal training or other startup investments.
  • Available in two output power options: 20 and 50 watt.
  • 2 year warranty

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