About us

Laser systems for industrial applications

Laser Machining Inc. LMI AB (LMI)  focuses on using laser technology in industrial applications. LMI offers expertise for laser applications used in component manufacturing for industries such as vehicle construction, aeronautics, telecom, medicine, advertisement, food processing etcetera. 
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​​​​​​Laser applications

Common applications are laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding, laser perforation, "kiss cut", and laser hardening.

​​​​​​​Laser knowledge

LMI's expertise and laser systems from Preco, Tykma Electrox and own customization, laser optics from II-VI, parts from a diverse range of different suppliers makes us a complete supplier for laser systems, accessories and services.

Laser Service

LMI has its own service organization of technicians responsible for prompt action to minimize any disruptions in production.

Business idea

Laser Machining Inc. LMI AB is a qualitative customer-oriented provider of laser systems with related service and support for long term business relationships

LMI - short historical summary

Laser Machining Inc. LMI AB is a Swedish company with a US parent company, Preco Inc., whose head office and main plant is based in Wisconsin and Kansas, United States.

2018 - LMI resaddles in a new purpose built facility in Hjärpholn, Nås och becomes an exclusive distributor for Bodor cutting machines.

2004 LMI AB became agents for Electrox marking systems in Scandinavia.
LMI's experience in industrial laser application over the years led to an increasing demand from customers for consumables and spare parts. As a result the number of items in our store has continually expanded to meet the demand.

2002  the US company Laser Machining Inc. of Preco Inc. was acquired with a name change as a result. The Swedish subsidiary Laser Machining Inc. LMI AB retained its original name.

From its inception, LMI AB has been responsible as the Swedish agency for the world's leading optics manufacturers of CO2 lasers, II-VI (two-six). Thus, we have been able to support the aftermarket with original mounted optics, as II-VI optics is almost exclusively the manufacturer's choice in the production of CO2 laser systems.

LMI has its origin in servicing industrial lasers. Industrial applications of lasers is an area of ​​technology that is relatively young, with its own special properties. As in many other areas of knowledge there were benefits to be gained by linking parts of the Swedish branch knowledge, which at the time was spread on individual qualified technicians who were active in various organizations, and merging them into a single specialized organization, LMI AB. The collective knowledge creates synergies which benefits customers qualitatively as well as temporally and thus economically.

1997 LMI AB was born as a subsidiary of Laser Machining Inc. in the United States.
Welcome to contact LMI if you have questions about the industrial application of lasers.