LaserGear BOQX

LaserGear BOQX

The LaserGear BOQX is simple yet capable desktop marker for industrial use.

The goal of developing the LaserGear BOQX at TYKMA Electrox was to build a desktop marker with all the necessary functions for daily marking tasks in an industrial environment. As a result, this is a simple machine for those looking to get the most out of their investment.

The laser head is fixed, and the motorised table is used to easily adjust focus.
  • For marking or engraving most metals and compatible plastics.

  • 20 watt MOPA fiber laser.

  • Motorised worktable for fokusing.

  • Manual vertikal door.

  • Focus finder unit.

  • A small, simple and capable enclosure to place on a desk.

  • Suitable for smaller parts.

  • Large laser safe observation window.

  • Space-saving design with large marking area.

  • Quick-connecting exhaust port.

  • 1 year warranty

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