TYKMA Electrox Zetalase XLT

Zetalase XLT

-for the highest volume marking, with a 600x600 mm continous working area thanks to the dynamic Z system.

Zetalase XLT offers a continous 600x600 mm work area but with a small focal point with very high energy density. The dynamic Z system surpasses conventional X/Y-stepper stages as it does not need any additional programming and further reduces the cycle time by eliminating the need to wait for the X/Y stage to position. 

Large graphics can be processed immediately without tiling or stitching. Large pallets with mark objects can be processed with minimal cycle time. Aside from the large marking area, the dynamic Z system includes the ability to vary the focal distance according to demands.

  • Air cooled, maintenance free construction for industrial applications.

  • Powerful 70 watt MOPA fibre laser with selectable wavelengths for non-standard application capability.

  • Pneumatic auto door with maximum accessibility for positioning the marking object.

  • Programmable working distance.

  • Continous 600 x 600 mm work area.

  • Maximum object height 238 mm.

  • Integrated PC with screen, keyboard and mouse on a spring-assisted adjustable arm.

  • Class-4 override mode for objects which do not fit with the side and front doors closed. (requires laser-safe goggles for the relevant wavelength)
  • Ideal for marking most metals, painted/coated materials and many plastics.
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