Tim Smith

Title: CEO/CTO 
Tel: +46(0)281-307 14
Mobile: +46(0)70 601 56 70

Tim is the president of LMI AB, leads projects but also provide technical support. 

Tim can be found at LMI:s facility in Nås, when he is not travelling for projects.

Micke Bergman

Title: COO, service coordinator, logistics, spares
Tel: +46(0)281-307 18
Micke is our service coordinator takes care of selling and managing the stock of consumables and spares, as well as coordinating logistics and transports.

Micke can be found at LMI:s facility in Nås.

Urban Gärds

Title: Sales, Marketing, Web & IT
Tel: +46(0)281-307 16

Urban manages our laser marker range as well as Lasermet safety systems, along with marketing Web and IT.

Urban can be found at our facility in Nås.

Anna Thörn

Title: Economy, Reception
Tel: +46(0)281-307 10

Anna will usually pick up the phone when you call us. She expedites orders, invoices, accounting and logs customer queries.

Anna can be found at our facility in Nås.

Niklas Johansson

Title: Technical sales, Product manager
Tel: +46(0)281-710 35
Mobile: +46(0)70 299 85 10

Niklas manages everything related to standard laser cutting machines.

When he is not visiting customers, Niklas can be found at our facility in Nås.

Peter Danielsson

Title: Laser technician
Tel0281-710 32

Peter handles servicing and support on processing laser systems. 

Peter is stationed in Karlstad and often travels.

Kent Skogmo

Title: Laser technician
Tel: +46(0)281-307 13
Kent handles service and support on processing and marking lasers.

Kent is stationed in Nås where he often works on custom systems, or he is traveling to customers.

Michael Blyckert

Title: Laser technician
Tel: +46(0)281-710 33

Michael provides servicing and customer support mostly for laser marking systems but also processing laser systems.

Michael is stationed in Linköping and is usually travelling.

André Smith

Title: Laser technician
Tel: +46(0)281-710 34
André services and supports various laser systems.

André is stationed in Karlstad and is often travelling.

Malin Kristoffers

Title: In-house sales & Admin
Tel: +46(0)281-307 15

Malin manages our consumable and spares stock as well as part shipments.

Malin is usually found at our facility in Nås.

Niklas Larsson

Title: Marketing and sales
Tel: +46(0)281-710 36
Mobile: +46(0)70 774 57 00

Niklas works with everything regarding marketing, web and sales.