Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting was one of the first applications developed with laser systems. Today, there is a wide spectrum of wavelengths used for different cutting applications, but the CO2 and Fibre types are commonly used for organic & plastic materials, and metals respectively.

The Laser Cutting Process

We have many years of experience in analysing customer needs, process development and subsequently constructing custom laser cutting solutions for our customers.

When cutting with a laser, a focused beam is used to evaporate the material in an extremely small area. This process allows minimal seams with a width between .05 and .5 millimeters making the cut very precise and with very little heat transfer.

Just a few years ago the Laser market was almost completely dominated by large CO2 flat-bed systems, since that was practically the only laser type stable and reliable enough for industrial use.

Nowadays the more modern fibre-laser has nearly taken over the market when it comes to any material the fibre 1070nm wavelength is suitable for; i.e. metals. More than three quarters of all flat-bed machines for metal cutting sold today are fibre lasers.

The benefits of the Fibre laser are many, but most notably it is virtually service-free
except for the protective glass which is significantly cheaper compared to the ZnSe optics used in CO2 systems.

The weakness in the Fibre laser lies in the wavelengths' material compatibility; organic materials and plastics absorb it poorly without some specialised doping material. Therefore CO2 type lasers are typically used for these materials, and today there is the option of low-cost and reliable sealed tube resonators as in the above CO2 machines. Output power is limited with these resonators, but it is enough for most cutting and engraving applications in organic materials and plastics.


Vehicular Industry, Complex Shapes, Precision Cutting, Plate Cutting, Tube Cutting, Medicinal Manufacturing. 
-Maximising material use through nested cutting paths and thin cuts.


Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Polymers, Wood, Plastic, Clothes/Textiles, Metals, Alloys, non-Metals.

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