Bodor's PT-Series is our multi-purpose system based on the P-Series but with an added tube cutting system

The PT-Series machines allow customers to cover two entirely different laser cutting applications in the same machine. Plate cutting table size options are 3 x 1.5 meters or 4 x 2 meters, and the machine can be equipped with up to 6kW of laser power.

The Cast Iron Frame of the plate cutting P-Series machine is coupled with the tube cutter Frame of the X-Series in the innovative union PT-Series. Aside from the excellent plate cutting capability, a wide variety of tubes up to 6 meters can be precisely cut. This allows for an incredible application range, flexibility and freedom. 

The PT-Series is equipped with a self-centering chuck offering a stable tube cutting process. Moreover, the machine also has a dual switchtable which enables the customer to maximize production by loading and unloading plates while simultaneously cutting.

Machine programming is easier than ever before with the control software BodorPro 2.0. Design, nesting and parameter selection is done in the same sleek software without using G-code programming thanks to the WYSWYG (What You See Is What You Get) philosophy.

Standard equipment includes: 
  • Cast Iron Frame
  • Class 1 Enclosure with Laser Safe observation windows
  • Programmable process gas pressure control Nitrogen/Oxygen
  • Servo actuated self-centering rotary chuck
  • Tube cutting system
  • Fully automated focus head follow
  • Auto-focusing
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Parameter library
  • Edge seeking - automatically finds plate position and rotation
  • Automatic nesting function for minimizing plate waste
  • Connects to customer site intranet through Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Innovative design and cutting control software BodorPro 2.0
  • Process gas monitoring
  • Extendable catch-trays
This and many more options in an aesthetically pleasing enclosure!


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