This year's fair, a success

Elmia Svets & Fogningsteknik became a very successful fair for Laser Machining Inc with many visitors and stakeholders.

The fair, which lasted from 10 to 13 May, was visited by a total of 8090 people and was the first time in two years that the industry could meet. For LMIAB, it was a success with many interesting meetings and contacts. We presented 4 different machines at the fair, Bodor i5 laser cutting machine, Metis CO2 laser, Abmark Maxi laser marking machine and IPG Photonics Lightweld.

IPG Photonics Lightweld, handheld laser welder, attracted the most interest with several visitors traveling long distances just to see Lightweld. Micke Bergman, COO, describes it as "The star of the show" which attracted large collections of visitors.
It is the first handheld laser welder to be CE approved, which makes it revolutionary. It was launched in the US a year ago and has only been shown in Europe once before, this was the first time it was shown in Sweden.
The interest was also great from Elmia who wrote an article about the product on their own website, you can read it here.
This year we invested in a larger booth than previous years and see it as a long-term investment.
Lightweld, handheld laser welder attracted many visits and it was often full of stakeholders around it. Here, CEO Tim Smith demonstrates laser welding.