Bodor i-Series

Compact, precise, fast. 
Our bestseller for the Nordic market.

The compact construction and sleek design of the Bodor i-Series range allows customers with limited floor area and/or smaller scale production to reap the benefits of Fibre Laser Cutting.

Bodor's i5 system with 1000x1500mm table size, is based on the same cast iron frame construction from the larger machines but in a much smaller and more flexible shell. Thanks to this, the i5 has been highly successful in the Swedish market.

Apart from the small i5 we are also offering the slightly larger i-Series model i7. 
This machine has a 3000x1500 mm extendable table. This allows for easier loading of full-size plates and helps with removing processed material after cutting. The i7 also has an intelligent fume extraction system that increases the flow of exhaust air depending on where the cutting is currently taking place.

Controlled by the same WYSWYG philosophy as their larger counterparts, the machines can be programmed and run incredibly intuitively. Laser output power ranges from 1 - 4kW.

Bodor i5 Properties:
  • Class 1 enclosure with laser-grade observation window.
  • Automatic servo actuated hatch
  • Automatic focusing head follow function
  • Auto-focus
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Parameter library
  • Edge finding - automatically locates plate position and rotation on the table
  • Automatic nesting function to minimize waste material
  • Connects to the customer intranet through Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Innovative drawing and cutting software BodorPro 2.0 can be installed and run from any PC 
  • Gas pressure monitor
  • Part collection bins
  • 21,5 " touch-screen
Bodor i7 properties:
  • All the features from the Bodor i5
  • Table size of 3000 x 1500 mm
  • Extendable table
  • Intelligent exhaust system

Bodor i5

Bodor i5 frontBodor i5 front
Bodor i5 sideBodor i5 side
Bodor i5 front closedBodor i5 front closed

Bodor i7

Bodor i7Bodor i7
Bodor i7 hollowBodor i7 hollow


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