Bodor's S-Series machines are the definitive choice for cutting in thick and/or large plates.

The S-Series offers the largest table size and the highest laser output power capacity in the Bodor range of machines - Up to 20 kilowatts across a 6 x 2 meter work table.

The heavy and robust frame of the S-Series combined with the capacity of up to 20 kilowatt Fibre Lasers, allows the thickest and largest plates to be laser cut. 
  • Cast Iron Chassis
  • Class 1 Enclosure with Laser Safe observation windows
  • Servo actuated dual work table switch
  • Dual FHD interior camera system
  • Programmable process gas pressure control nitrogen/oxygen
  • Fully automated focus head follow
  • Auto-focusing
  • Parameter library
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Edge seeking - automatically finds plate position and rotation
  • Automatic nesting function for minimizing plate waste
  • Connects to customer site intranet through Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Innovative design and cutting control software BodorPro 2.0
  • LED-Panels clearly indicate current processing status of the machine
This and many more options in a aesthetically pleasing enclosure!

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