Automated, modern, cost effective!

The Bodor X-Series is our high-tech, automated tube cutting system. A very cost effective machine with or without loading system.

The machine is available in two models; the X160 and X260. The difference is essentially the maximum tube diameter - where the X260 handles the larger tubes.

The X-Series can be fitted with an automatic magazine and loader. The loading system can pick out a specific tube from the magazine chosen in the control software, and place it in the self-centering rotary chuck for precis och reliable production. 

Thanks to the follow capability of the focusing head, the X-Series can cut most tube profiles whether it's round or angular.

Bodor X260A Properties:
  • Cast Iron Chassis
  • Automatic tube loading system
  • Class 1 Enclosure with Laser Safe observation windows
  • Programmable process gas pressure control nitrogen/oxygen
  • Fully automated focus head follow
  • Auto-focusing
  • Parameter library
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Automatic nesting function for minimizing material waste
  • Connects to customer site intranet through Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Innovative design and cutting control software Bodor Thinker 3.0
  • LED-Panels clearly indicate current processing status of the machine
  • Gas pressure alarm
  • Material collection tray
  • Round tube diameter 20 - 260mm
  • Square tube diameter 20 - 180mm
  • Rectangular tube diameter 20 - 200mm
Bodor X160A Properties:
  • All features from the X260A
  • Round tube diameter 10 - 160mm
  • Square tube diameter 10 - 140mm
  • Rectangular tube diameter 10 - 160 mm


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