Service & Support

Our services range from laser servicing, recommissioning, laser training, laser consulting and laser safety.

Laser service

Our laser technicians offer maintenance service, machine installations, troubleshooting, repairs and relocation. This applies to most manufacturers.
To ensure smooth and trouble free operation, we offer service contracts to guarantee that your systems stay in top condition.

We have a wide network of suppliers allowing us to carry spare parts for most laser machines. We also stock a variety of consumables such as laser optics, lamps, jets/nozzles, ceramic parts, filters, oils, lubricants and other spare parts.

LMI offers phone support Mon - Fri 08:00 to 17:00 (GMT +1). Phone support applies primarily to our own products, but we can also offer expertise in optics and components for different laser systems.

Some examples of our services 

Service on large flatbed CO2 laser machines

- Trumpf, Bystronic, Prima, Amada and different Precitec based laser systems mainly used for laser cutting and welding.

  • Service of fiber, end-pumped- or YAG laser based systems

  • Troubleshooting & Repair

  • Optical consultation

    As a customer this service is free of charge. Thanks to partnership with market leading optical manufacturer II-VI, we can determine wether the fault lies in the optic portion of your system.

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Laser training

Training in laser safety and basic training in how a laser works is a prerequisite to ensure safe and effective operation of your machinery. 
We have years of experience and expertise to perform training at the level you desire.

Laser Consulting

Faced with an investment in production equipment, a decision maker might appreciate a thorough overview of what a laser system has to offer. The laser is used with great advantage in applications such as marking, welding, hardening, cutting, converting, etc. 
If you need help to determine whether a laser system is a suitable investment in your production, feel free to  contact  us.
We have 26 years of experience in laser systems with a broad knowledge of industrial applications in general and provide very good help when faced with questions about the laser's potential and limitations.